"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" – (Confucius) 欲知前方事,且问过来人 —— 孔子

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Development & Delivery of Pre-sessional Courses

Development & Delivery of Pre-sessional Courses

Pre-sessional programmes are typically for students who need to improve their level of English in order to study on a degree programme at UK Universities.

Development & Delivery of Pre-sessional Courses-editedResearch has shown that an international students level of English is not a major factor for concern when it comes to integrating into the UK and its education system, but it is the lack of understanding about the UK and its culture that needs addressing to better prepare prospective students, especially those from Asia, for life and study in the UK.

We at Linkren have developed a more relevant pre-sessional based on both UK academic and culture issues as well as raising prospective students levels of English that can be delivered in China and other countries.

Delivering this programme in China (and other countries) allows us to reduce the costs to the student but increase the number of participants considerably by holding it on campuses abroad.