"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" – (Confucius) 欲知前方事,且问过来人 —— 孔子

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Joint Programme Development

Joint Programme Development (UK & Chinese/Asian Universities/Colleges/Schools)

Linkren, as a leading British study intermediary, assists institutions considering developing joint programmes by helping all parties understand what the added value will be, and to which extent joint programmes help to realise the institutional strategy of both parties. We help them plan every aspect including the length of programmes (3+1 or 2+2 etc.) and what resources are required.

Joint degree programmes may take more effort to develop, but are, therefore, also seen as a deeper form of internationalisation. Chinese universities in particular are keen on this partnership model.

We have helped develop joint programmes where the main reasons for developing have been to…

  • Joint Programme Development-editedRaise the international visibility and reputation of the institution
  • Increase global student recruitment and the level of internationalisation
  • Raise institutional revenue by increasing foreign student enrolments
  • Build networks of excellence
  • Broaden or deepen education offerings
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with other regions in the world
  • Increase cross-cultural competencies of students and staff
  • Improve graduate employability