"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" – (Confucius) 欲知前方事,且问过来人 —— 孔子

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International Student Recruitment Services

At Linkren, we work in close partnership with our UK, Chinese and Asian client institutions. With our extensive range of contacts from secondary and high schools to universities we are seen as a popular and trusted choice for students looking to study in the UK.

Our team have walked in their shoes and understand the issues that prospective students face in the application, admission and visa processes. This unique shared understanding helps us work with individual clients to ensure a smooth transition into UK education which is directly aligned to individual client goals.

Joint Programme Development (UK & Chinese/Asian Universities/Colleges/Schools)

Linkren, as a leading British study intermediary, assists institutions considering developing joint programmes by helping all parties understand what the added value will be, and to which extent joint programmes help to realise the institutional strategy of both parties. We help them plan every aspect including the length of programmes (3+1 or 2+2 etc.) and what resources are required.

Joint degree programmes may take more effort to develop, but are, therefore, also seen as a deeper form of internationalisation. Chinese universities in particular are keen on this partnership model.

We have helped develop joint programmes where the main reasons for developing have been to…

  • Raise the international visibility and reputation of the institution
  • Increase global student recruitment and the level of internationalisation
  • Raise institutional revenue by increasing foreign student enrolments
  • Build networks of excellence
  • Broaden or deepen education offerings
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with other regions in the world
  • Increase cross-cultural competencies of students and staff
  • Improve graduate employability

Development & Delivery of Pre-sessional Courses

Pre-sessional programmes are typically for students who need to improve their level of English in order to study on a degree programme at UK Universities.

Research has shown that an international students level of English is not a major factor for concern when it comes to integrating into the UK and its education system but it is the lack of understanding about the UK and its culture that needs addressing to better prepare prospective students, especially those from Asia, for life and study in the UK.

We at Linkren have developed a more relevant pre-sessional based on both UK academic and

culture issues as well as raising prospective students levels of English that can be delivered in China and other countries.

Delivering this programme in China (and other countries) allows us to reduce the costs to the student but increase the number of participants considerably by holding it on campuses abroad.

Study Tours & Summer Camps

Due to the increasing popularity of our brand via Chinese social media, more recently we have been asked to develop a series of study tour programmes for several international education companies in China.

In response we have arranged several UK study tours for our partner institutions in China and Asia. Our focus to help students, their parents and institutions achieve the following…

  • To explore and understand the UK its history and culture
  • Learn about the UK school, FE & HE education systems
  • Enhance their skills, knowledge and broaden their horizons
  • Exchange ideas and good practice
  • Explore working collaborations

In addition to providing standard study tours across various cities in the UK we also arrange bespoke study tours which are totally flexible and designed to exacting client requirements, timescales and of course budget.

We also have developed a series of summer camps to assist international students improve their levels of English as well as gain a better understanding of the UK, its culture and education system.

More recently we have organised a football summer camp for a sports agency in Beijing which brought over a number of talented young footballers from China to experience training with UK football clubs.

Vocational Training

Research has shown that parents who send their children to study abroad select UK educational institutions based on reputation and student experience. They also believe that sending their child to the UK is an opportunity for them which will give them the upper hand in language ability, cultural awareness and overall professional credentials.

They believe all this will give their child a distinct advantage by making them more sought-after in the jobs market.

In order to improve the Chinese student’s job prospects, and appeal to their parents, Linkren is also providing vocational and personal development programmes to Chinese students. Linkren has developed with partners, courses and workshops on subjects such as…

  • Developing a CV
  • Interview Techniques
  • Personal Development Programmes
  • Mock Graduate Assessment Centre

These courses have already been developed and are currently undergoing ILM & CMI Accreditation and will be delivered by suitably qualified and accredited professionals that we already partner/engage with.

In addition, other “hot topic” subjects have been identified and we are developing courses in these areas that will greatly appeal to Chinese and international students alike. In addition, we have recently been approached by number of Chinese organisations asking us to deliver CPD and other vocational, executive and leadership management type training courses in China to professionals and business people.

Executive Education

Our Executive Education offerings cover a wide range of customised programmes. These programmes are designed for organisations, business professionals and managers from across different industries and disciplines who strive for both professional and personal growth.

Our UK University accredited executive education courses will deliver the skills needed to allow business professionals outperform their competitors.

Early Years Training

Due to the demand from China, Linkren now offers a fully UK accredited Early Years Training qualification that ensures students and managers are trained to the highest of UK standards, equipping them with the best early years qualifications available.

Through our partner network we work with several specialist UK education institutions and we also have qualified and accredited Early Years Inspectors who carry out UK government departments (Ofsted) inspections for full day care, kindergartens and early years centres. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to ensure that providers meet all Learning and Development and all Safeguarding and Welfare requirements set by the UK government.

We also offer a full range of professional development courses/workshops for managers of kindergartens and early years centres as well as providing Early Years Foundation and degree courses from our UK university partners.

Elderly Care Training

Through our strong partners, our experience of older peoples care in the UK has spanned many years and thousands of older people. We have experience of working in, training of personnel within and management of residential, dementia and nursing care facilities. Operating a group of care homes is second nature to us and ensuring they do operate at the highest possible standards with the best trained staff and as efficiently as possible, has never been more important than it is today.

Our offer to the Chinese care industry is quite simply that we consider ourselves capable of running some of the most successful care businesses in the UK. We want to offer those skills to our Chinese partners. These skills include…

  • Training & Development
  • Management Teams & Care Givers
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Process Management
  • Quality Compliance
  • Operational Management

All our Elderly Care services and training are compliant with the UK Care Quality Commission. This ensures that our partners in China are offered the highest UK standards of care related training.

International Teacher Recruitment

Linkren has extensive contacts in the Chinese Education industry and amongst them are many of the countries leading teacher recruitment agencies as well as Principals and Head Teachers of large public and private schools. Several of these have approached us to establish an international Teacher Recruitment Service due to our connections with leading UK Teacher Training Universities and colleges.

www.esljobs.co.uk is a new and exciting addition to our business offerings which will help attract even more teachers who are interested in teaching English in China.

If you are a recent graduate or an experienced teacher or even just interested in teaching English in China why not pop across to our new site and check it out?