"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" – (Confucius) 欲知前方事,且问过来人 —— 孔子

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Student Recruitment & Education Management

We are Linkren – Linkren is a UK student recruitment and support agency which was started by Chinese students in 2013.

Linkren came into existence because of 4 young Chinese students who decided to speak up for many other Chinese students across the UK who were unhappy at the way they had been treated (their words) by some of the universities they attended.

Neil and gang 1 (7)

These students felt that they were a neglected group and that some UK universities and agencies did not provide the necessary level of care and support required or expected.

They felt that that they were not helped to integrate effectively into UK culture and academia. There were issues with agencies (primarily private ones in China) assistance with accommodation, integration, study skills, engagement with tutors etc. that this student group felt they needed assistance with but nobody was there to help them.

Paul Parkinson Linkren MD

Paul Parkinson

This small group of students approached someone they could trust and who was very supportive to them. They approached Paul Parkinson who was at the time Senior Fellow at Lincoln University Business School, a guest lecturer and a mentor of Chinese students.

In addition, Paul had lived and worked in China for several years for Huawei in Shenzhen. Paul agreed to get involved and helped develop this small group into a network of over 500 Chinese students located across the UK.

In the early days, Linkren (and its small team) focused on enriching the day to day lives of Chinese students studying in the UK by developing social events, workshops and short courses.

These courses and workshops were mainly based around understanding the differences between UK & Chinese academic cultures, advice on how to integrate better into UK society and academia and some specific courses helping Chinese students find work and internships in both the UK & China.

Image 1At the end of 2013 we became a registered UK company and accredited education agency. Now, over two years later, we are now a successful and popular student recruitment and education business with a focus on Chinese students. We have a number of agreements in place with UK universities, colleges and private schools.

In addition to student recruitment, we work with UK & Chinese universities to develop joint degree programmes, manage student exchange programmes and also organise study tours.

With the help of business leaders and senior academics from Lincoln & other universities we have developed several more courses and workshops which not only help and support Chinese students in the UK but also makes their stay in the UK more enjoyable and rewarding.

Our employment focussed workshops and courses are extremely popular as they better prepare Chinese students in the UK for the very competitive jobs markets both in China and internationally.

If you are a student (or parent of a student) considering studying in the UK please feel free to contact us for a no obligation informal chat to see how we can best enable you to make the right decision which will help you.

Image 2If you are a Chinese educational institution and you are interested in joint programme development with UK universities – please feel free to contact us!

If you are an agency or study tour operator in China and want to potentially partner with us, please feel free to contact us!

If you are a UK educational institution who wants more Chinese (and Asian) students too you should also contact us!