"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" – (Confucius) 欲知前方事,且问过来人 —— 孔子

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Wen Han (Baja)

“我们《留学》杂志社和贵公司(教育仁)虽然不在一个国度,而且我们之间还有着7个小时的时差,但我们是很好的战略合作伙伴!我们彼此间的友谊胜过一切!在此谨代表“《留学》杂志”感谢“教育仁”长期以来所提供的支持与帮助” ——温晗
Translation is:
“Although Study Abroad Magazine and your esteemed Linkren Limited are not in the same country with a 7-hour time difference, yet we enjoy our excellent strategic partnership with no barriers. The friendship between us is beyond anything else! I hereby on behalf of Study Abroad Magazine extend our sincere thanks to Linkren for all the longtime help and support.”

Mr Zhang

Chairman Hentane Group

“Our company was seeking a partner in the UK to help us develop our education business and our other businesses within the group internationally and we were very impressed with Mr Parkinson and Linkren. I am pleased to say that our organisations are now joint venture partners and working on several projects together.”


“Paul has been to China to meet with us and we have visited Linkren’s office in UK. We were so impressed with their services and credentials that we just had to work with them. We look forward to some great partnership projects with Linkren.”


“When seeking the best partners to expand our business services into the UK we were made aware of Linkrens’ great services for Chinese students. We wanted to partner with a company that cared and delivered superior service. We are proud to work with Linkren as our main UK partner who are helping us grow our business both in the UK and in China.”


“Paul has visited us here in Beijing and proved to be a worthy and trusted partner. The services his company offer not only to educational business and institutions but to businesses from all sectors should be considered. I personally see Paul and Linkren as valuable assets for any Chinese business wishing to develop in the UK and beyond.”


“As an education professional who recruits Chinese students I have been so impressed with the team at Linkren. I now look forward to working with them on several joint projects.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture


“As someone who worked for a large education agency in China who then came to the UK to study, I was so impressed by the organisation and services offered by Linkren. The team is made up of a highly regarded academic and business leader supported by bright and intelligent Chinese and Asian graduates who have studied in the UK. Very professional, helpful and insightful. The senior team there have personally helped me tremendously. I recommend them to all students and parents of students considering study in the UK”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture


“The people at Linkren are wonderful. So helpful and knowledgeable about their industry. Excellent service.”-

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture


“I first met the team at Linkren whilst studying my Masters Degree in Marketing in the UK. I was so impressed with their services and support for Chinese students that I had to get involved. I now work with them part time and I love it.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture


“Paul and the team at Linkren are so helpful. I was so impressed what they were doing for Chinese students that I volunteered for their company during my studies. When I had issues with my course they helped and advised me through it. Also, they helped me prepare for the jobs market and I finally got the job of my dreams here in the UK.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture


“I was introduced to Linkren whilst studying at Lincoln University. The team there were fantastic and helped me and my friends in many different ways, with our course work, finding accommodation and also helping us prepare for life after university. I have since become great friends with the senior team at Linkren who have continued to help and support me after my graduating. They have even visited me in China and helped me set up a business…wow…so cool these people.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture


“Whilst studying in London I was introduced to Linkren, its services and team. I was so impressed with what they are trying to do for Chinese parents and students and was keen to get involved somehow. They helped me a lot, especially Paul (CEO) as I was keen to set up a business at the time and the advice and support they gave me was fabulous! Paul has also visited China several times to develop the business and on the last occasion I helped him by acting as his assistant whilst in Shanghai. Paul has now become a personal friend, as well as my trusted advisor, he has met my parents and been to their home. I can truly say that the team at Linkren and the services they offer are truly different and amazing. If you are considering study in the UK then Linkren is the only company you need.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture

Chen Ning

Market Development Manager – CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology

“As one of the original members of Linkren it was me and three fellow students who asked Paul to help us develop the organisation. He used to live in China and understood what typical UK academics and agencies did not about our needs whilst studying in the UK. He has developed Linkren into one of the most respected, trusted and popular organisations in the UK which is focussed on helping international students.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture

“Being one of the the original team I am proud of what Linkren has grown to become. It delivers real benefits for Chinese students studying in the UK. Its range of support services, course and workshops are both valuable and useful. Any student considering study in the UK should speak with the team at Linkren. The team is made up of Chinese graduates who have experienced everything that new students will experience.”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture

“I am proud to say that I was one of the original team who helped set up Linkren. Back in 2013 it helped me and numerous other Chinese students. I am even prouder to see that it has grown into a leading and recognised education company in the UK which focusses on ensuring a great student experience for Chinese students studying in the UK”

Wen Han Linkren testimonial picture

“I was also one of the original team involved with setting up Linkren and I p know from personal experience that Chinese students need help and support from people and organisations who are not focussed on just making money. Studying in the UK brings its own challenges and issues and sometimes you will need help to manage these. The team at Linkren can help you as they helped me and many others.”